Cassandra’s Fabulous Foray

Cassandra’s Fabulous Foray is a visual novel about a noble girl that goes into an old-western town, one that is eyed by another noble wants to claim for the hidden oil reserves. It’s a plot reminiscent of an old Hollywood film, Wild West. However, I feel the game has done injustice to this period.

With the main character in the title, Cassandra, I had the impression that they would be the main draw to the visual novel. It’s just that the Cassandra’s naive and loud personality is anything but charming. Rather, she was irritating through and through all the choices available in the visual novel that was either hinting vanity, arrogance, idiocy, or all those characteristics together. The side characters are also plain archetypes, they don’t even fully utilize that one word characteristic that defines their characters. I would find myself to side more with a three-dimensionally written antagonist than a one-dimensional protagonist.

The main event of the story is to get the townspeople to vote for the fate of the town, whether it will go under nobility or not. I had a hard time following the flow of the story because the opening scene didn’t put a foundation of what the story would be about, it’s not enough to be dependent on a summary from Steam to get what the game is supposed to be about. Normally, it should be easy visualizing the branching of the visual novel as you play along but it was not something so clear. I felt like the combat system is what dragged down the experience for me. There was no time to even comprehend that it was a part of the game because it would happen out of the blue. The dialogue would also be hard to read because of the colors, the font size is good but the contrast with the dialogue box was not enough.

The only positive thing about the game is how art style of the background and the characters compliment each other. It’s just that the sprites were so inconsistent with proportions and angles that makes the art not able to save the flat writing. My other issue with the character sprites is that the default look of the villager  side characters are fearful. It’s weird reading a calm conversation while the characters look afraid.

Towards the end of the gameplay, I wasn’t able to reach the final scene because the game crashed. I didn’t feel encouraged to go through the story again because I am just not a fan of the plot and characters.


+ Art style of characters and background art work well together


  • Flat writing
  • Inconsistent character sprites
  • Poorly integrated combat system
  • Inconsistent angling and proportion
  • Bad User Interface design

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